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Thursday, November 8, 2007

Leaves, leaves...and more leaves!

They just keep falling! We raked the front lawn once already a week or two ago, and it's full again! So I raked most of the front yard. The backyard...well, I'm tempted to just mow it all and see what happens. The leaves we dumped down back in the woods composted amazingly well! I think it's because we alternated some green grass in it. I couldn't even tell this spring that we had dumped two feet of leaves back there last fall.
It was fun though, after my husband got home, helping him bag up what I had raked. I think he needs to come home earlier anyway. Especially since it's getting dark so early now with the time change.

My cat Max is sleeping on my desk as I type. In the evening, he just follows me around where ever I am, and hopes to find an accomodating lap at some point. If not, a desk or whatever will do. He loves me, what can I say? :0)

So other than rushing back over to Sleepys again today, I ate at the chinese restaurant next door, returned something to Circuit City, and went to Kohls. I really need to stay away from that store. I always find something to buy there. I did well today though. I went for Fiestaware and they had what I wanted 40% off. Love their quart bowls (great for chef salads) and their jumbo chili bowls (can't remember what they are called)- great for that and smaller salads. Nice and deep. I love the red and cobalt. I wish the red was deeper and the cobalt just a bit lighter though.
Raked leaves when I got home, bagged shortly thereafter. Leftovers warmed for supper. I'm about done in for the day. (shopping is exhausting you know!:0))