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Thursday, November 8, 2007


We bought a new mattress this week from Sleepys. I hesitated before going there because of all the bad publicity, but they had selection and a good no interest plan going on. We bought a more expensive set, but when the deliverymen brought it upstairs, they put a hole in the bottom of the mattress. Not a big one, but I was disappointed nevertheless. I was going to keep it, until I did some quick research on the internet and discovered that is would instantly void the warranty. I was really glad I had made them write on the invoice the damage that was done in case I had changed my mind, which I did. No problem, they would send a replacement pronto. So I set up another delivery.
In the meantime, I changed my mind about the mattress we had chosen. For one thing, it's so tall! I mean, with our king sized canopy bed, and the 2" taller box spring, it hiked that up to my waist! I literally have to heave myself onto this bed. And I'm nearly 5'9. It's really that tall. The mattress is like 17" I think. My sheets won't fit. It would mean all new bedding, including a comforter that was oversized.
I rethought this whole pillowtop thing, and went back over to look at another mattress. I decided on one that is about $1000 less, and quite comfy actually. It's an ultra plush Sealy. And the best thing, it has latex instead of alot of memory foam. Now, memory foam is nice, but it's very warm. I can't take the warmth. This is why I sleep with the window open a crack nearly all winter, and the room turned down to nearly 60F. (with a down comforter of course!) Latex is temperature neutral. Your body heat doesn't affect it. So I was quite delighted to discover this after asking the salesman what the coolest bed in the place was - he didn't even mention this bed. I had remembered reading about it on the internet, and of course, couldn't remember what to ask for when I got over there. So here's some advice for mattress shopping:
#1) Measure your current mattress, check out what height your sheets are, decide how tall you can go, and add the 9" boxspring to that amount. There are low profile box springs you can buy which range around the 5" size. This can save you buying all new bedding (with a king size, that can get costly and add several hundred to what you are already spending on the new set). So go armed with your size limits.
#2) If going up to the second floor, remember to check out your stairwell for potential problems. You don't want to pay for delivery to then discover it can't get up the stairs.
#3) Decide on your budget beforehand, to keep you from impulse buying before you get there. (Lesson learned here)
#4) Check out ALL the fine print before you sign on the dotted line. Mattresses are unique. They cannot be returned for a refund, only an exchange. Usually a 14 - 30 day time limit, plus redelivery charges, PLUS an EXCHANGE FEE of $200 - $400 depending on the size of the mattress!!! AND, usually you can only exchange for a same or higher priced mattress, not lower. IF you stain your mattress in any way shape or fashion, they will NOT take it back. I've heard of ink dots voiding the warranty, so use that mattress protector they give you with your new set.
In my case, it's a damaged mattress, which was noted on the delivery invoice, and I notified Sleepys that morning, within a couple of hours. The sooner, the better.
I am now waiting for the phone call which will tell me what they can do for me. I've asked for a cheaper mattress, no exchange fee (was in my original contract that I had 30 days no charge to exchange - ask for this!) No redelivery fee, since they have to come out anyway to get the damaged mattress.
And lastly, I comparison shopped on the internet, found a comparable mattress for $500 less than their sale price, printed it off, took it in, and hopefully they will accept that. There are 3 minor differences - one is coil count - the internet one is 782, and mine is 805. There is this triarea (or whatever) foam thing exclusive to Sleepys (of course) and the size difference is 1/2 to 1". It's extremely difficult to find the exact same mattress at two different places, because each store has them specially made for them so you can't do this. That way, this "we will pay 20% less than the competitors for the same or comparable mattress' thing is nearly impossible to do. But I'm going for it anyway. You can try, right? I read somewhere on the internet someone wrote 'It's harder to buy a mattress than a used car.' Boy, were they right!
Don't hurry, take your time, try them all, lay on them for at least 10 minutes. This is an investment of your money and your health. You spend a 3rd of your life in bed, so make it as restful and comfy as you can. It's worth it. You are worth it.