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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Red Shouldered Hawk is back...

I stepped out onto the back deck, then back in and shut the door. Then I ran downstairs to my computer. Looking out the window, there was the hawk! He'd been there the whole time I stood on the deck!
So I raced back upstairs for my camera, back downstairs, opened the door ever so gently, and crept outside. I was very casual in my approach. His back was to me, but he was watching me. Amazing how they can turn their heads around backwards like that. I would stop, look around, the raise my arm to take a shot, then a couple of feet closer, until I was about 25 feet from him. This approach was the best, because it was straight from the house, and there were no branches obstructing the shot.
I WISH I had a better camera. And, the batteries gave out after the 12th shot. I raised my arm for another shot with the zoom on and...nothing. But here is the last shot I took of him. Not so bad. I could go back out and try again, as he is still sitting there, but he was so good the first time, that I thought maybe I'd try again later when he comes again. There will be other times. He stayed here all last winter. But I have really got to get a better camera. I really like my little A520 Canon, but want so much to get something with a real zoom lense. Oh well, gotta save those dollars first.
Oops..he just flew down into the woods about 50 feet further away. He is so funny. When he first lands, he waggles his tail. In fact, it's still waggling. Maybe he likes having his picture taken! :0)