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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Thanksgiving 2007

Thanksgiving is over for another year. This year, we were so blessed to have my parents and my Aunt Melita visit for the week. They came early, and we girls shopped all week. Dinner was on Thursday, and they went back for one more day of shopping on Friday before heading back up north on Saturday.

We had a warm day for Thanksgiving. It reached just over 60 here. Friday was mid 40's, and Saturday morning, when we all got up at 6 am, it was 19F out there. Brrrr! But just wait few hours or a day, and the weather will change again. We did get our first snow last week, I think it was Monday or Tuesday. Lasted for a couple of days on the ground before the big warm up. It's cooler this year than last, as I checked my journal last night, and it was in the 60's for the whole week of Thanksgiving last year. They did say that this winter was going to be 30% colder than last. What I think that means is it's going to be more normal than last. But the hard part is - oil is WAY up from last winter. I paid $2.99/gallon a couple of weeks ago. This time last year I think I paid somewhere around 2.29. Now that's sad. And it's said to be going up, unlike last year where it continued to go down until February. I paid as low as 2.09 last winter. Guess we are just going to have to dress warmer this winter.

I digress. Thanksgiving. We had both turkey and ham, plus the requisite mashed potatoes and gravy, candied sweet potatoes, peas, corn, cranberry sauce, coleslaw, shrimp ring, and misc hors' dourves. We were thoroughly stuffed. We had started celebrating early in the week after a trip to Costco. Never let 3 related women shop for groceries together. Bad idea...too much food! Costco happened to be having a 'sample day'. We came out having had a 5 course meal! Seemed that way, anyway. We got Spinach/Artichoke dip with flat pretzels, Bruschetta (sp?) with Panetini (garlic bread crips), and a Brie bread ring. Needless to say, the first two were gone in 3 days. We also had two pies, Pecan pie (very good!) and apple, which tasted good, but like most bakeries, the apples weren't cooked enough. We were going to do the homemade pumpkin pie thing like every year, but got lazy this year. Too much shopping to do. :0)
I had alot of smoked ham left. Melita made her famous glaze for it, and I saved what I could of it. So good! I'm thinking of making a quiche with some of it. Ham and Egg. Mmmm....
Now - how to lose those 5 lbs I gained last week...