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Friday, November 9, 2007

Flowers still blooming...

My calendulas are blooming well, and I've a couple of pansies still blooming. The Black-eyed Susan's have been blooming for weeks, and are nearly done. Going to be really cold here tomorrow night - down in the 20's, so I expect that will likely finish things off if the snow showers don't tomorrow morning. I've still got to tuck in a small lavender and Thyme that I've had in a pot, along with a Hen and Chicks. Just really don't know where to put them as I've run out of room. I don't want to dig a new bed, since I'm just renting and will likely be moving next spring. I hope we are out of here before gardening season hits, so I can put in a respectable garden next year.

Got everything into the garage yesterday off the back deck. 4 window boxes, most with geraniums that I'm hoping last through the winter. Also several ceramic pots that I didn't bother to empty. Who knows what might come up next spring?! Anyone overwinter Lantana in their garage? I couldn't bear to throw it out yet. My million bells (or whatever they're called) were in still blooming profusely - really hated to chop them off. They sure last a long time, and a few frosts don't seem to bother them if they are protected somewhat. That, and the African Daisy and the small purple things - they look like half of a flower with tiny yellow centers - were still blooming really well. Nights have been getting down into the 30's, days in the 50's mostly. My garage is jam packed with all those pots. Good thing there aren't any more! And just think - I get to move all those heavy pots next year. Yipppeee!.... Not.