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Sunday, November 11, 2007

Flowers in November..

Calendula still hanging in there, and a couple of dark purple panies. The mini pink roses are looking past peak, but still pink. Black-eyed Susan's still there, and a pink snapdragon as well.
Cold last night - into the 20's. Cool today - 40's.

My husband is finishing up the leaves. Mowing them into the grass catchers, dumping them into the back of the half ton and hauling them to the landfill. Wish gas was cheaper, but oh well. Needs to be done. We would haul them into the woods, but the landlady says otherwise.
Neighbors are using a leaf blower on wheels that you push. She was blowing the leaves onto the tarp, covered up the tarp, and ran over a corner of it, sucking it up into the leaf blower! LOL! No leafblower now, back to doing it by hand.
My parents and my Aunt are coming down from Canada to visit next Friday for a week. They will spend Thanksgiving with us. We are looking forward to it.