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Monday, October 15, 2007

It's a beautiful day today. 70F, light breeze, and little humidity. Perfect, don't you think?
I think my garden is done for the year. The little summer squashes refuse to grow any bigger, and rot before they do. I did get a good crop off them this summer though. Really, all that's left are the carrots. They are still very small, not sure even big enough to bother with, but I'm hoping there is still time to get something decent. First year for a garden here. Not a good spot, I'm afraid. Not enough sun, very dry summer, and likely could have done with a complete soil amendment. But I'm not going to do that, as we are only renting here, and it's just not worth bothering with.
The birds are increasing at my feeders. Saw my first junco of the season yesterday. Just one for now, but I know that will change as they migrate further south. I had a batch live here last winter, something like a couple of dozen at one point. I have 2 chipmunks that 'vacuum' the deck if I spill any seed while refilling the bird feeders. I have been hearing the red-shouldered hawk this past week. I had him all last winter in the back yard pretty much, got lots of pics, although most are not good ones, because my camera just couldn't focus well on something that far away. I haven't heard him (her?) all summer till this week. Seems maybe this is it's wintering grounds?? Beautiful hawk, and very verbal. It's been a treat to have it, and it will come sometimes and sit in the maple in the back yard and watch the birds at the feeder, but it's more interested at diving at the gray squirrels. It has my blessing on that for sure! I had 7 last year, that were relentless at my feeders.