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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

It;'s been a long hot dry summer...and it's over!

...As you can see, it's been very dry here. My poor flower bed is dilapidated looking. It did so well at the beginning of summer, with gorgeous red lilies. But now everything is falling over. :0(

It's been a long hot dry summer. And it seems I've been dry on words too. Apologies to all who have been checking periodically. Hopefully now that rain has finally come, the creative juices will be flowing again. :0)
About the dry summer - we've had a drought here in CT this year. Rainfall last month was supposed to average 4 inches - we got less than 1/2 ". The months before were nearly equally dry. Combined with 28+ days of over 90F (most were over 95F), it REALLY dried things out. I did lose a plant or two, but thank the Lord, I still have most of them. The blossoms were scant this year though, and I had to water as often as I could.
That was another problem. Our well went dry temporarily in July while watering, so this scared me into conserving water. I used the dehumidifier water, vegetable washing water, leftover tea kettle water - whatever I could. If I had known it was going to be such a dry summer, I might not have bought so many deck plants! They are doing great now, which is kind of sad because we aren't that far away from frost. Oh well. I do plan to try to overwinter as many as I can.

The ugly duckling geranium which had 3 short dry sticks from last winter has turned into a beautiful swan this year, astounding me by filling the entire large pot with lush green leaves and multiple red blooms. Wow! And the pink daisy like flowers on a mum lik(oh shoot, do you think I can remember the name of this plant??! I will have to dig it up, parden the pun. :0) did the exact same thing. It really is a miracle, isn't it, that so much can come from such a tiny thing like a seed or a few short dead looking sticks.
Maybe that's why I am a farm girl at heart. I love to watch things grow.