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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Peach Red Pepper Relish

I finally started canning this past weekend. I started with one of my favorites that I haven't made for probably 3 years now. Mrs. Smith's Famous Peach Red Pepper Relish found in Fare For Friends cookbook. The recipe was actually given to me by a former landlady who we became close friends with. It is delicious served with chicken or pork, and also on crackers with cream cheese. Delightful!

Below is a link to a wonderful story that I found while surfing this morning at Canning Across America website. It's a reminder that we are never too old to touch another life in some way, even if it's just through canning. Please take time to read this all the way through, and may it touch your heart and inspire you as much as it did me.

Riding the Preservation Train


Anonymous said...

Would you please send me your recipe for Mrs. Smith's peach and pepper relish? The paper mine is written on is so old that I can't read it anymore and none of the recipes that I can find are similar to what I remember about this one. I will be forever grateful. And so will all my family. :)

Anonymous said...

Thank you so very much for directing me to this very inspirational and touching story. It made my day, and helped reaffirm my belief that we all "need to be needed" in order to be happy. I am about to make a fruit and pepper relish, it's one of our favourite things that I preserve. I stumbled upon your blog while looking at Google images of fruit relishes made with red peppers, because I usually use orange and yellow, but this year I'm using red peppers. I hope it turns out as nice as yours looks to be. Thank you for sharing your wonderful blog, I'm looking forward to "wandering around" in it once my relish is finished. Again, thank you for inspiring me. I hope you and yours have a wonderful weekend. Regards, Laura