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Friday, October 8, 2010

Tramp the Turkey Tamer

I so wish I could have gotten a picture of this. While on the back deck looking out towards the woods, I happened to see Tramp, the neighbors black and white cat, heading down the path into the back clearing. He had his tail up, which is unusual for a cat on the prowl, and I thought I saw something dark disappear ahead of him.
I ran to get my nocs, and lo and behold, here's Tramp, rolling on the grass not 6 feet from a group of turkeys. They were standing around watching him, while he entertained! They weren't afraid, rather seemed to be trying to figure out if he was a funny looking turkey or what.
He rolled around happily for a few minutes, like he was delighted with his find, then wandered off towards his home next door, seemingly unconcerned about leaving the turkeys behind.
It was so cute! Where is that pricey zoom lens camera when you need one?!


Verde Farm said...

My first visit here and your header is so pretty! Don't you just love a cat---think they will pounce on something like that and they roll over and purr :) LOL

ctgardengirl said...

Thank you for dropping by and for the compliment on my header. It's one of my favorite photos. I did hear a story from my neighbor about Tramp riding a turkey last year. I think he was just following up to be sure there were no hard feelings. :0)