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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!

Tomorrow is the big day! I can smell my pumpkin pie baking in the oven, a request from my dear hubby. It's such an easy pie to make, really, and the Libby version has been a staple of ours for years. I cheated on the pie crust though. I can make my own and it's better than the store-bought, but was in a hurry, I guess. I will make up a batch before Christmas and store it in the freezer, so I can do some more baking.
It will be just the two of us tomorrow. We aren't even having turkey this year, even though there is one in the freezer. Wish they sold smaller turkeys, just for 2 people. Unless you have plans for the leftovers. I find it doesn't freeze all that well, especially the white meat. I've started freezing it in broth or gravy so it doesn't dry out so much. It would also store well in soup. But that means I have to plan on making that soup right away and getting it into the freezer. Hmmm....
We are planning on a big breakfast, though. Blueberry pancakes made with my own frozen blueberries, a bit of cinnamon, nutmeg, and vanilla. Scrambled eggs. Jimmy Dean sausage. Or maybe fry up some of that nice thick ham slice we bought from Costco last weekend! Homemade bread for toast. Fresh ground coffee. Sounds like a good start, don't you think?
I picked up a little treat for me yesterday - a small container of Seagold crab and seafood dip. That's pretty good stuff. The lobster version is also good. Costco was doing samples last Sunday, and had a smoked salmon version. That was also pretty good, if you like smoked salmon. Always nice with club crackers.
I used to do big Thanksgiving dinners times past, when we lived near enough family to have them over. My parents would even drive down for the long weekend, until they switched it to Christmas. Too far to make two 18 hour round trip within a month of each other. So we choose Christmas. That's ok, the turkey will keep until then. :0)
I spend the past 3 days this week raking the last of the leaves in the yard into big piles. We live on a sloped yard, and fortunately it slopes to the back, so hauling the 15 x 20 tarp down back wasn't too hard loaded with leaves. Of course, just when my lawn was beautiful and leafless, a big wind comes up today and drives all the neighbors leaves into our lawn. Sigh....
Well, gotta run. A house to clean and more food to fix so we can really relax tomorrow and enjoy the day, even though it's going to be turkeyless. (is that even a word?!)
I hope you and yours have a wonderful Thanksgiving day surrounded by tasty food and an attitude of gratitude. God bless!