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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Remembering the little things...

As I made my raspberry chocolate coffee this morning, I was remembering a time past, about 17 years ago, when a hurting lady needed friendship so very badly. It was an extremely difficult time in our lives. We had just lost our business, moved out of our community away from family and friends, and was trying to start over. The shame and humiliation was overwhelming.
We had no home or money, so we were living temporarily in a borrowed travel trailer in my husband's employer's back yard. We stayed for 3 months.
During that time, we received an invitation to a co-workers house for a BBQ. I didn't want to go, as I felt I just couldn't face anyone, but we did anyway.
We took our BBQ on the back of our truck. Half way there while driving down a bumpy gravel road, the BBQ flew off the back of the truck! I can't remember too much about it, except we stopped, put it back on, and proceeded to the BBQ. We still chuckle about it to this day.
There weren't many people there, as the coworker and his wife were in the process of gutting and remodeling their home and hadn't moved in full time yet. There were 2 potato barrels in the kitchen holding up a plank for a counter for the food, and we ate in the garage around portable table and chairs. The wife of the coworker seemed a bit grumpy to me, as I had never met her before, but later when we talked about it, I could understand: her hubby had done the inviting impulsively, and she felt they weren't ready for company yet, but the invitations had already gone out!
This slightly grumpy woman turned out to be a warm
hearted, caring and generous lady, and became my very best friend. Shortly after the BBQ, we found an apartment. She called and offered to help me unpack. I couldn't believe this relative stranger would want to help me do this, but I accepted.
That was the beginning of 17 years of friendship, and I am so very glad she offered her help and that I accepted, because I almost didn't. How different things might have been if I hadn't!
I am writing this in honor of her today, in thankfulness that the Lord put her in my path and blessed me with her friendship. That day of the BBQ, I would never had thought this possible, but God had other plans.
In the next few years, I have many very fond memories of sitting at her kitchen table, in her newly remodeled sweet country home, sitting by her beautifully restored Star Kineo wood cook stove, drinking Green Mountain coffee in every flavor they made. Chocolate raspberry was my favorite.
We talked about many things, and during these times, my heart began to heal and open up. I was so very afraid of rejection, feeling so ashamed of our past, but instead I found gentle acceptance and love. An open heart, a willing ear to listen, and a bond of friendship that has lasted for 17 years. Although we live several states away now, our friendship is closer than ever, and I have learned what friendship really is.
Our love of Christ binds us as Christian sisters, our hardships and trials as soldiers finding our way through this life of ups and downs, our love and acceptance of each other a type of Christ's love for us. Has it always been easy? No. But true friendship never is.
So when I say, it's the little things, it really is. It's the cup of chocolate raspberry coffee offered in friendship and love, those moments around the kitchen table, talking about what's on our hearts, sharing hurts and joys. And years later, as I drink my morning coffee, with tears running down my cheeks, I am thanking God for those moments. For they mean so much more than I could have ever imagined at the time.
What did I learn from this? Don't be afraid to offer your friendship and hospitality to a hurting soul, because the need is probably greater than you realize. God uses us as His vessel to offer hope and healing.
And when you are having a chat with your friend, drinking your coffee or tea, sharing a moment of your lives, tuck this moment away in your heart, and enjoy it to the fullest. Because some day you will pull out this memory, and realize how important the little things really are.