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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

First storm of the season today...

We received about 6 or 7 inches early this morning, now followed by ice pellets. Perhaps rain a bit later today. Lovely. I filled a few containers with water just in case the power went off, and turned up the heat a bit more than usual. Today is not the day to skimp on heat. That way it will take longer to lose heat if the power should fail. And it seems that happens more often than not here in Connecticut. Could be due to the numerous trees that line our many roads. We can lose power in most moderate rain storms, with or without wind. I lived several years in Maine and New Brunswick, but never lost power like we do here. Of course, they've cut down the trees alot up there too, and the road crews are very diligent about keep the ditches cleared of new growth. Trees grow faster and easier here in this more moderate climate.
We went and got our tree this past weekend. It sits naked in all it's pine glory here in my living room, waiting to be adorned. I usually give it a few days for the branches to settle a bit, so the ornaments won't fall off as the tree adjusts to a warmer climate. Then I always feel I need to clean the living room before cluttering it up with the many boxes of decoration, which I keep in large plastic tubs. I think I will try to bring up just one at a time, starting with the lights first, followed by garland, then ornaments. I keep meaning to get a new star for the top, but can never seem to find the one I want, or it's too much money. Oh well. Maybe during the local after-Christmas sales I will find one. I guess I will just use my old many lighted silvert tinsel star again this year.I am listening to Christmas music online at KLVV.com. They play nothing but Christian music, and at this time of year, all Christmas Christian music. Such a great variety out there! Sometimes they throw a few classics in too, like Bing Crosby. One of my new favorites is 'It Came Upon A Midnight Clear' by Josh Groban. I just LOVE the chorus at the end. It's like getting a peek at the angels singing before the throne. I get so blessed by it.
I am so glad I finished clearing my plants off the deck last weekend, storing the last two heavy pots in the garage. I tossed the contents of 4 window boxes this year, as we plan to move in the spring and I didn't want to lug those heavy things. And most likely they wouldn't do well next spring anyway. I saved a really nice geranium, a few lantanas, a neat pink mum (I forget the name, but it's a bit different than the traditional fall mums) and a couple of others I forget the names of. I try to remember to water them once a month until spring, then hope for the best. I've had a bit of luck, some years better than others. I keep them in the garage next to a north window (the only one). I had a neat idea this year. I have an old wooden step ladder, so I just put them up on the steps so they are mostly off the floor and take up less space. Also gives them more equal access to the limited sunlight.
Well, the tree is calling. I better finish cleaning up the livingroom and get one of the boxes in the storeroom. My parents are coming Christmas day (from 9 hours away) to stay for a week, so I have a good excuse to really decorate this year.
Happy decorating!


andsewon said...

Sounds like a good day to do up that tree for sure!!
I too just have one window I can put my 'porch plants' in for winter. It is in my utility room...so have to leave room to get to washer and dryer!
I call it our jungle room!;-)
Think I will go put on some tunes as well get me to the sewing gift mode maybe.
Stay warm hugs,