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Monday, May 18, 2009

Frost warning tonight...

Words one dreads to hear, especially when one just went and filled window boxes and plant pots this past weekend. Darn. I also had put out my Goldfish plant, Mandevilla, and my flowering maple last week. They had actually suffered from a bit of sunburn, poor things. Gotta watch that next year. They were used to bright indirect light most of the winter from my dining room window.
I brought in the Mandevilla and
Flowering Maple, and covered up all my plant pots and Goldfish plant right

(Note: these photos are from last summer)

outside the back door. Since the deck is elevated up one level, I am hoping the combination of that and being on the east/south side will help them through the night. I have several big heavy pots, and really didn't want to bring them into the kitchen for the night. I threw covers over some of the flowers by the front walk, as the cold air has a tendency to settle there.

I sure hope everything survives ok. They are saying 33F, but you never know.