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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Dumb thing #593

I am knocking myself in the head this morning. Again. But it won't solve anything. Unless - knocking oneself in the head is like knocking on wood, and protects you in some way. Nah. Don't think so. Hasn't helped yet!
Ok. The dumb thing I did. When I bought my computer from Dell, it was about one month before they came out with Vista. So, I got a free upgrade to order the Vista DVD. Which I did. I also got a free upgrade to Microsoft Office 2007. It came with 2003. You had to do a little dance and stand on your head and copy this, send that, exactly as they tell you, in order for them to verify you really do qualify for this. So I did, and got it in the mail, same as the Vista one.
It took 2 or 3 months, and about the time it came in, I had my computer set up in the basement, where I could look out the window at the grass, birds, turkeys - whatever wandered by. I also was packing up some things for Goodwill. Clothes that were too big, didn't want, misc. computer paraphenalia, like cords, old cell phones, I don't know - whatever I didn't want or need anymore. Gifts one got from Christmas that had you wondering what they were thinking. OK, only one gift went. I really like everything I get, usually.
When I got the upgrade DVD's, I wasn't in any hurry to load them, especially the Vista. A lot of other software hadn't accommodated Vista yet, so I was going to wait awhile. Why I waited on Office 2007, I can only surmise. So I tucked them away.
Hence 'Dumb thing #593'. I cannot find the Microsoft Office 2007 upgrade DVD.
I have looked everywhere. I dug through all my papers, drawers, everywhere I could think of. I still cannot find it.
What I think happened, in all the melee of packing up boxes for Goodwill, cleaning up the basement, etc., is that somehow, it got stuck in an old Microsoft software computer manual that I donated. It's the only thing I can think of. Dumb dumb dumb.
Lesson learned.
If some kind soul wishes to share a copy of their Office 2007, I would be forever grateful. I know, I know. It's not something one is supposed to do. BUT, I really did have the upgrade. I have copies of the paperwork filed here somewhere. I wrote to them, asking if there was anything they could do (the rebate center), but the rebate had ended at this point, and no one responded. Bummers.
Anyway, I can live without it, and in about 5 years time, when it's on sale for a ridiculously low price, I will upgrade. Because I am not paying for something I already owned.
Dumb dumb dumb.


Jacquelynne said...

We all do those things that make us ask ourselves "What was I thinking???" I won't bother to count mine- I'm sure I'm in the thousands by now!