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Monday, February 11, 2008

Sleepy Hollow Farm...

I was browsing EBAY today, looking at farm prints for a birthday gift for my Dad, and came across this one. I immediately recognized it. Years ago, during a very hard time financially and otherwise, I found a picture on the back of a catalog which was a close up of a section of the original print. In fact, if I remember rightly, it was on the Watkins catalog.

We were living in Florida at the time in a very small 1970's park model trailer (owned by someone in the family) in a winter senior community (it was off season with only one other resident) while we worked down there for the summer.

At the time, we had no where else to go, a car that kept breaking down, and no money. I waitressed, and my hubby worked for a steel company. We had no family there, and a car with 4/7o air conditioning. (for those of you going 'hmmm...4/70?' -that means 4 windows down going 70 miles per hour provides the air c0nditioning!) :0)

I was extremely depressed at the time. This catalog came in the mail, and there was this picture. It depicts a farm in Woodstock, VT. It has a long lane, a pond, a barn (which I remembered as being red, but not in this particular photo) and lots of green grass. Being a displaced New Englander and farm girl at heart, this was like looking at a bit of heaven. I SO wanted to live there. It filled me with such bittersweet longing and brought some comfort to my hurting soul. I cherished that picture and I think I have it to this day somewhere in my memorabilia.

I never knew the name of it until today. Only that it was a Godsend at a time when I really needed it. It brought hope, that someday, that what we were going through at that time would one day only be a distant memory.

And it is.