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Tuesday, February 5, 2008

6 More Weeks of Winter

Now there is something I haven't seen for a long time. Upon checking our local weather this morning, there is no sunshine in sight for a week! I mean literally not even partly cloudy. Rain and snow showers. Must be some front.
One thing I liked about winters in CT is the fact they usually got abundant sunshine all winter. Yes, we get snow. But usually we get a big thump of it over a day or so, and then sunshine for two weeks. This must be the precipitation that we didn't get in our October rains (which never came if I remember rightly).
That's ok. It's taking the snow away bit by bit, and that works for me. Besides, I sometimes feel guilty about staying in on a sunny day, so now I can settle in and work on my projects.
Valentines' Day is coming right around the corner. So is my brother's first wedding anniversary. Oh my goodness - that's tomorrow!! Good ol' procrastinator Sue!
In that case, I guess this will be a short post. I wanted to make something special for them, but I guess it's not going to get there in time, especially with the mail and me being so slow. Oh well. I can always call them. Sigh...


Shelly said...

Hi, great blog. I am in PA and today we hit 50 so I am praying that Phil the groundhog was WRONG!

ctgardengirl said...

Thanks for your kind words Shelly!
It poured rain and thundered last night - so here's hoping the temps stay high enough not to snow!

Shelly said...

We are having issues with the clouds the past week too...especially alot of rain!