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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Last night, we went out for a movie date.  We saw the Avengers - it was pretty good, a bit overwhelming.  I think I'm getting too old for comic book characters.  Plus it was quite violent.  I always notice when parents bring their 8 years olds to see a pg-13 movie.  Makes you wonder. 
Also, I find there is just too much computer manipulation - makes it so unreal.  Not that there is anything real about comic book characters, lol...
But we had a nice evening out.  Spent a small fortune on popcorn and drinks.  Wow...that is definitely where they make their money.  We did go for the 'Tuesday Special', aka 'cheap night'.  So at least we saved some there.
On the way home, about 3 minutes from our house on a country road, just about dark, we saw a mother woodcock and 5 little babies!  They were SO CUTE!  She was taking her time crossing the road, so we stopped and waited.  She seemed a bit disoriented by our lights, and we didn't dare turn them off because it was getting dark and didn't want anyone to run into us. 
After a couple of minutes, we saw lights - a car coming the opposite way.  I didn't hesitate - I got out of the car to play 'crossing guard'.  I waved my arms at the car and started towards the birds.  Momma wasn't happy.  She turned around and started right for me, kinda flapping her wings and making very unhappy sounds, then tried to draw me away from her babies. Such a good mother!  I decided perhaps I wouldn't 'herd' them across the road after all.
The other people stopped and waited, but I don't think they saw the chicks, as it was getting quite dark and they were next to long grass.  They were so tiny.  I read afterward that they are fully feathered out at 2 weeks.  These little ones must have only been a couple of days old.
Well, they finally all went their way, and I waved thank you to the other car and we came home.  My good deed for the day.
I pondered afterwards our timing.  2 or 3 minutes earlier or later, we would likely have missed them.  Possibly the other car would have hit them, because they were still on the road.  Makes you wonder.  I do believe the Lord really does care for the smallest things in our lives.  And I was thrilled seeing them. 
But boy, I sure wish I had my nice camera with me...