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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Ham prices are what??


Interesting article on meat prices and hay prices this year.  They certainly have gone up!

Carando spiral sliced hams were ON SALE at $2.69 lb. yesterday at Stop N Shop.  Regular 3.99 or something like that.  $23 for a ham, on sale!  That’s outrageous!  Seems last year I got it for $1.99 on sale.  I am hoping for a better sale at Christmas, but I’m not holding my breath.

Anyway, it prompted me to do a search on ham prices, and I found this article.  Seems export is up, so domestic prices have gone up, because increase in demand outside the country, and less supply domestically.  Nice.

Makes one feel like they need to start raising their own meat.  And hay! Pretty soon we won’t be able to afford it anymore.  Kind of like potato chips at $4.29 a bag, and the bag is the smallest ever!!  Crazy.  Fortunately, chips aren’t a necessity, like Coke and other non essential food products.  But a bag now and then is sure nice.

Time to go back to gardening, canning and freezing, and whole foods.  Limit the prepared stuff, get the most nutrients for your dollar in fresh whole foods.  Reap the benefits of better health, and a heavier pocketbook.

I know I avoid the prepared stuff now in a big way.  I buy more fresh produce, meat cuts, and make most of my own bread.  I read labels more than ever, and am appalled at what I used to take for granted. That food, in any package, was ok to eat, and nothing to be concerned about.  I certainly don’t think that way anymore.  I am a much more informed shopper.  I hate to buy store-bought cookies.  Have you read the labels?  I also know that I can make better tasting ones at home.  J

It’s gotten that way at restaurants too.  Oh darn.  I was going to comment on our recent Friendly’s breakfast at their site, but I think I missed the 3 day limit.  It was AWFUL!  Do NOT order their scrambled eggs, unless you specify ‘real’ eggs.  They buy this ‘mix’ and it’s like eating egg flavored cottage cheese.  It really was that bad.  Their pancakes looked anemic, (how can you serve a pale pancake??) and there wasn’t really any flavor.  The texture was slightly tough.  And of course, it’s served with artificial pancake syrup, which I won’t buy anymore.  The homefries were good and hot, but that was the only thing hot.  Even the coffee was lukewarm.  The sausage links were a bit anemic too, but I ate them anyway.   Was a complete waste of money. I can make a much better breakfast at home, but it’s nice to be served sometimes, you know?

Ok.  Done with the rant on Friendly’s.  They still have great ice cream, but I can’t tolerate it much anymore, too rich.  I really enjoy Gifford’s ice cream made in Maine.  Doesn’t bother my lactose intolerant stomach as much.

Hope you all have a great day!