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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Places to see...

Enjoying a good cup of coffee this morning. Part Peet's Major Dickason's and part 8'oclock decaf. I really like Peet's, and the 8'oclock isn't bad either, bought it on sale. I drink 1/2 decaf coffee now, and find I actually feel better! It was getting to the point it took more coffee to get the same effect, and I was also feeling more tired. Groggy in the mornings. Now, not sure if it's solely the coffee change or not, but I feel way better, and not nearly as tired and groggy as before. In fact, when we go on vacation, I drink all caffeinated coffee, because that's what our hosts are serving, and I feel more tired as time goes on. Could be the vacation, or not. It's worth a try. And just think, if there is ever a coffee shortage in the world, you won't go through major withdrawal. Imagine all the really angry tired cranky people there could be in the world. Yikes!
Anyway, I'm really getting tired of all this muggy weather. I hate muggy weather! It just saps the strength out of you. My 'get up and go' got up and went! Ha! Plus, with this rainy type muggy weather, I can't go for a walk as often or hang my laundry out. Bummers. Oh well, this too shall pass, as my mother says. Cooler drier weather heading our way over the weekend. Yippee!!
I've been debating on what to do on the next few weekends. The Big E is going on right now. For those of you who don't know, that is a 5 state fair held in West Springfield, Massachusetts each year the last 2 weeks of September. It is huge. It has a parade every afternoon, huge agricultural offerings from 5 states and Ontario Canada. A Better Living Center, with neat stuff for sale, Storrowton Village - an old time village, the Avenue of States, with replicas of 5 state capitol buildings you can actually go in, and each of them offer some type of food you would associate with their state. (These buildings are like large houses) Of course, the midway, and lots of interesting food options. There are also horse shows held on the grounds, and live entertainment, with some big names. I'm sure I've missed something, so you can check it out here. I must mention the traffic. Yes, it can be bad at times. And the parking can cost $10 - $20 so I've heard. I think it's $15/person to get in, but I haven't been there in 4 years, so double check that. It's great fun, and a person ought to go at least once.
I'm also considering Old Sturbridge Village. I've never been the the village proper. I'd like to go when the leaves change and it's cooler out. Hmmm....maybe for my birthday in October! There is lots to do in Sturbridge, so check that out too. Lots of neat stores.
I would also love to go up to Vermont, to Manchester, to the outlet shops, and to King Arthur Flour store, in Norwich, VT, check out their store here. They are under renovations, I guess, but still open. And of course, if you are up this area, you should check out Yankee Candle in South Deerfield, Mass. I see they have a similar store in Williamsburg, VA. Interesting... I know you are thinking, ok, it's just candles. But this is more than that. Much more, at least the last time I went there it was. They had a 'home' store, and all these really neat 'rooms' decorated in themes. Watch the video to get a quick peek. It's a day trip event. Kids will like it too. And since you are up there, be sure to check out historic Deerfield Village just down the road. There are also antique stores on Route 5 in the area, and I believe a butterfly place too. Do your homework before you go so you can take advantage of all there is to offer in the area. If you are there in February or October, check out Gould's Sugar House in Shelburne, Mass. It's probably within 1/2 hour of Yankee Candle, going west out Route 2 from Greenfield. It's an old maple syrup barn, with a woodstove that runs on cool days, and they serve a great breakfast of homemade pancakes, homemade sausage, homemade dill pickles (if they have any left). You can sit at homemade picnic tables in the barn, and they have a vintage display of old artifacts pertaining to the early days of sugaring. Be prepared for a line and wait during peak times. I'd go as soon as they are open, because by 10 or 11 am, they are super busy. Maybe call ahead to see when the best time to go. Not much info on their webpage, which doesn't do it justice, but they do list when their season is. In the spring, during sap time, they will be boiling sap, which you can see, I believe. In the fall, there are apples and maple syrup available to buy, plus a few other things. Note: They are only open to the public with breakfast for a limited time during sap season, and in the fall for a few weeks. Call to be sure.
Well, that's about it for what I know about for Northern Mass, and a bit of VT. I'm sure there is more, so check it out. Check out the links for more information on each place.
Well, my Cranberry Seed Muffin is done, so I better go rescue it out of the toaster oven. I love to warm my muffins in the toaster oven each morning, makes them just like they came out of the oven. Yum! Have a great day!