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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Happy 100th Post!

(Max snoozing in one of his favorite places.)

Is this really my 100th post? Wow. I should have planned something to celebrate it. What could I have possibly rambled on about for 99 posts? I'm sure it must have been important stuff, right? Like, how tall my flowers are now. And now. How about now? Ok, maybe not quite that bad.
It's been a long slightly depressive winter for me. I didn't get out much. Well, that's probably my fault. So the day before yesterday, my hubby jigged work for the afternoon and we went for a drive to look at a house about an hour from here. (Jigged is probably too strong of a word - he did get permission) The interstate portion wasn't so bad.
But the next 30 minutes through rolling woods on narrow roads wasn't quite as fun. Did I mention I get carsick? Oh yeah...
We finally came to the farmhouse. They never look as good as the pictures, it
seems. We were a bit disappointed. The lot seemed smaller. Not much for pasture. In fact, maybe a big garden and a couple of apple trees would be about it.
Oh well. And then last night, a notification came in my email that there was a sale pending on the property. I guess it wasn't meant to be anyway.
We also decided it's just too far from work for him, especially through the winding woods. Kind of pretty over there though.
I have such hard time with property here, because, number one: it's so darn expensive!!
And, you get so little for your money. Especially if you want any amount of land. I was down to just one acre
. That was all I was asking for. One acre. Like I could be happy on one acre. I was willing to try. Oh well. Sigh...
So we are back to the drawing board.

(This picture is of vole and/or mice tunnels in the snow beneath my bird feeders last month. We don't have any snow left now. Yay!)

It's hard to choose between the security of a good job, and living the life you really want. Since that life can't seem to be found here. My hubby keeps saying that if it wasn't for the job, he wouldn't live here. Not that CT isn't a beautiful state, it surely is. And I love the climate here. It's a wonderful growing season,

especially when one was used to to 3B and 4A gardening zones. 5B/6A just has so much more to offer. Did I mention
how much I love flowers? I just love to grow things. Must be that midwest farmgirl thing.

I visited a couple of new blogs today.
I found one, Tales from the Coop Keeper, that I really enjoyed. She seems like a kindred spirit, living next to my old hometown, Hebron. I loved her video of the chickens. She talks to her animals like I do mine.

I started raking part of the front lawn (read: hill) yesterday, and realized that the overabundance of acorns from last fall have nicely embedded themselves in the soil. We had raked some up last fall, but ran over a lot with the lawn mower when mowing. Since we've never really had an acorn issue before, I didn't realize what that would do. Now we have more acorns in the topsoil than grass in some parts. Not cool.
SO....what do you think I was out there doing yesterday? Raking, and digging some of them out by hand. I know. The neighbors must really be wondering about me. That just isn't something one does here.
At least, I haven't seen anyone else doing that. Of course, they all have lawn service which pretty much that takes care of stuff like this.

Not us. Nope. We are do it yourselfers. Much rather buy our own second hand lawn tractor and mow this hill ourselves. Besides, it was more cost effective this way, and we do a much better job than they do. They go too fast, miss parts, and do burn outs in the lawn whenever they turn. And they would probably just run over the acorns too.
Plus, I needed the exercise. I felt it last night, too, with aching arms from raking. An Advil did the trick, and I slept better than I had for a long time.
I think there are more acorns out there that need me. By for now!