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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Sorry I've been neglecting my blog so much. What is it with winter anyway? Seems I just don't have the wherewithal to think of anything interesting to post about. I sure hope that changes soon! While I am having my coffee this morning, I am catching up on the bloggers that I follow - I feel like I've missed so much!
It is snowing today. We haven't had that much snow this winter. Funny thing, when they predict winter storms, they seems to go around us (literally!) or just not come at all. I guess that's ok, less shoveling to do for me. ON the other hand, I could really use the exercise, lol!
What have I been up to? Well, mostly house hunting. I spend hours a day on this computer searching for a suitable home so we can take advantage of that tax credit for first time home buyers. It will certainly be a blessing to us next spring when we file our taxes, I can tell you that.
But, since market values are down, so is the available housing. When the prices were inflated, there were tons of homes on the market, with people hoping to take advantage of big gains on their homes. Now, people don't seem to be selling unless they absolutely have to. Great.
Combine that with the time of year, and things are just not too lively out there. If anything really good comes on the market it gets snapped up in a day! So one must be diligent and patient, I guess. Kind of like fishing, huh? :0))

The other thing I am doing is working on a quilt top. I got it cut out, and the blocks made. Now I just need to square them up and sew them together. I hate the squaring up part, because then it's obvious that some of them aren't quite the size they should be. And since I can't add fabric, I need to size them slightly down. Oh well. The main thing is that they are all the same size, right? And even more important, is getting it done. Yes!
I am doing Cottage Square Quilt by Fons and Porter. It's an easy quilt design, all squares. This photo is just the 8" squares. I have the 3" sashing blocks sewn together and added to these blocks already, but I will have to upload those photos for my next post. I am hoping that by posting about this quilt, it will motivate me to actually finish it! Anyone out there great at starting projects but not finishing?! Yup, that's me. Now I'm waiting to get to the store to buy new blades for my rotary cutter. Great. Now that I'm on a roll, I'm out of blades. Oh well, once it quits snowing and I can get up my driveway, I can get out to the store. Perhaps tomorrow.
In the meantime, I can curl up with a cross stitch project I always have on the go, or read on of my library books. I am just finished "Miss Julia Delivers The Goods" by Ann B. Ross. There are several in the series, and I need to go back to the first book, as they are written sequentially. I also just read Miss Dimity and The Duke" by Nancy Atherton. I really enjoyed both authors and will be reading more by them.
(I just realized that there is no way to underline the titles of these books. Why isn't there an underline?? Do I have to do this in Html mode? Can someone give me a clue as how to do that and if it's possible? Thank you!:0))
OK, gotta run. Laundry is calling. Hope you all have a great Tuesday!


andsewon said...

Well I am trying to do less online instead of more! Aren't we a pair! Haha!
Hope you do find a home soon.
Just keep at it. They say it is a buyers market now.
There are lots down here in my area. Some are still holding out for the big bucks though. Pretty top!
Yes m'am.. I too begin projects all the time when I should FINISH up others.. Just the way I 'do' as my grand niece says now instead of 'roll'.. hahaha!

Stay warm and read!!

Homespun Ireland said...

I just want to thank you, I have been trying to use the tutorial to make my blog three columns and it frustrated me for hours, it was your comment that finally explained it! Thank you!

Now to work on everything else, oh boy.