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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Is that an apparition, or did Mr. Bear really come to visit?

About a week ago, on a Saturday night about 9:30pm, while we were all relaxing in the family room, my DH and I in recliners, watching TV with Max on my lap, we heard a commotion on the back deck.
It sounded like something disturbing the bird feeders hanging from the gutter by the back patio door. I move them there at night from their daytime positions along the deck railing to keep the raccoons and possums out of them.
I jumped out of my chair (as poor DHubby was snoozing – oh excuse me – watching TV - through his eyelids – there we go) and ran for the kitchen to see what was making the racket. When I first turned on the porch lights, I didn’t see anything but wildly swinging bird feeders. I did see a rather large shadow over by the stairs, but didn’t think a lot of it, until it started to move towards the light.
Then, my chin dropped to my chest and I started shouting ‘OH MY WORD’ to alert my honey he better come running. In the meantime, I’m running back and forth like a ninny trying to remember where I last put the camera. I found it, and then tried to figure out how in the world I was going to get the picture through the window without the flash, and with very little light.
Well, to make a long story short, I did get this one pic. The flash came back on somehow, and it was a good thing, even though I have a fair amount of it in the picture. Otherwise, it would have been very dark indeed.
So while I’m running back and forth from window to patio door (wishing I was brave enough to open it and snap a picture – except the bear was about 4 feet from the door), he came back onto the deck and hesitantly went for the suet log, having given up on the bird feeders. Luckily, I don’t fill the log anymore, but use a basket feeder, which was hanging up with the bird feeders. I put it on the log during the day for my woodpecker friends. (I have nearly a dozen at last count) He stood up, checked out the log, and then wandered back towards the stairs, glancing toward the window, trying to decide whether the strange light and noise was intimidating enough to leave or not. He stopped for a moment, which is when I took the picture, then left.
What a beautiful bear! I wish the picture was better so you could see what he really looked like. He was large, round, glossy, and beautifully formed. Not scraggly or skinny, even though it’s spring. He looked so cuddly and pettable! We measured the railing according to the picture, and he measured about 5 ½ feet from tail to nose, and about 2 ½ feet tall. About full size, according to my research. I did report him to the CT DEP website. I don’t know if I’ll ever hear from them, but I don’t think he was tagged, from what little we could tell.
Was I scared? Well, I was very intimidated, and shocked that he would climb a full set of stairs to get onto the deck! We have a walkout basement below. Wow, huh? I was very thankful we didn’t live in a tent!! LOL!
The neighbor’s garbage was strewn around the yard the same night. Fortunately, the bear left mine alone. Had enough excitement with the feeders, I guess.
So that is my bear story. I have seen more wildlife in my 3 years here in CT than I saw all the years I lived in Maine and New Brunswick, Canada. Wow, huh? Keeps life interesting! :0)


Anne Marie said...

you ARE a country gal!!

Bears! wow- I can truly say I have never been that close to one....

andsewon said...

Oh my goodness!! What a pic indeed!
I guess food is food to them even if for the birds...;-)
Out here we have lots of wild life. There are bears on the swamp.
I (knock on wood) have not seen one in as many years I have lived out here, 30+.
Remember..better to be safe than sorry!!!

Jacquelynne said...

I have seen lots of wildlife in my yard- but never a bear! He does look cuddly.... but it's probably best that you only "met" him through the glass door!