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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Gorgeous day!

February 11 2009 was an absolutely beautiful warm day out, considering we are in CT. It is currently 56F. Going to cool off after tomorrow of course, but that's ok. It was so nice out, that I opened the back door and a couple of windows a crack, and turned off the furnace for a bit. Talk about smell wonderful outside!! I sure miss that spring smell in the winter.

I opened the front window a bit, as Max was letting me know he'd love to sit in it for a bit. I had just taken him out for a walk on his harness (hot pink, by the way, poor guy!) out through the garage (door up) and into the driveway and sidewalk. Everything else is still snow covered, but melting like mad today.

I can hear skidooing out in the field out back along with barking dogs. What better day to snowmobile?!
The robins are happy that an area down back by the spring has opened up. They've been hopping around the leaf litter, thrilled to find an area devoid of snow.