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Monday, July 7, 2008

Where did June go?...

Purple Coneflower from my yard...

July already! Where did June go?

We are still house hunting. We looked at 7 houses this past weekend. I'm starting to think that maybe we won't find our dream home this year. (I say that with a touch of amusement, because my 'dream' home is way out of my price range. However, we are still looking for something that says 'Welcome Home'. Here's still hoping...


My best friend, Sandy and I.
I went on a roadtrip recently with my best friend of 16 years. She flew up from Florida to CT, and we left from here to go to Maine and New Brunswick. We got to travel in style in her hubby's 2000 Lincoln Continental. Very comfortable car.
I got to visit my parents, and she her mother. We met up again after a few days for the trip home. We stopped in Lincoln Maine at Possibilities, a great gift shop, and had breakfast at the Timber House restaurant - very reasonable, good food and very friendly people. That's what I love about Maine, the friendly people. Especially the further north you go.

We took 2 days to wander down through mid Maine, stopping at the antique shops we knew about, ate at Governors in Waterville, and Dysarts in Bangor. You have to try the fried clams at Governors, and the Seafood platter at Dysarts. Yum! I try to order seafood when we go to Maine and NB, because it just seems better than here.
We visited Stitches, a quilt shop in Newport, Maine. It was good to see Jan Frost, the owner, again. She had many beautiful fabrics and samples. She does a wonderful job machine quilting.
We went to the Fairfield Antiques Mall in Fairfield, ME. It's a must see, as well as the Lakeside Antiques place in Winthrop, just outside of Augusta. Each one is about 10 minutes off the interstate. We also went to the Maine Made and More shop and Adams and Worth, country decor stores in Waterville, ME. I love both shops, and always find something to buy there.

Sweet Marlon and I - a 'friend' I picked up at one of the local shops.

We stayed overnight at the Comfort Inn in Waterville. Very nice, fairly reasonable, unless it's Colby College graduating weekend, when the rates more than triple, and I'm not kidding.

Had breakfast at the Tim Horton's across the road (super coffee and donuts!). We got home to CT that night about 9:30pm. Tired, but happy.

I'm now working on scrapbooking these pictures and memories.
Every time I look at these pictures, and think of the memories we made, I smile, and a feeling of overwhelming happiness comes over my heart. I'm so glad I made this trip. And to think I almost said no...