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Thursday, January 10, 2008

January 10th 2008 Warm weather!

It reached 60F the last two days. Great weather for January in New England! It won't last, of course. 50's today, 40's on the weekend - you get the picture. There are a lot of bare patches of ground now, which combined with the warm temperatures has given me a taste for spring. I thought in November I was ready for a long winter. Well, longish maybe. But I think by the time Spring really gets here, I will be more than ready for it. I am already starting to think about my favorite greenhouse in Granby. They have expanded over the last few years, and now offer nearly every plant imaginable. I want one of each please! :0)
The Carolina wrens are very busy this morning down by the garden. I love their different calls. They have to be my favorite bird. Last year, they raised a family behind the garden, and I watched them with their young in my front bushes, talking and hopping around. They are so gregarious. I also had a family of crows last year, which continue to come. Their young are very annoying in their incessant call for food. One just did NOT want to grow up! He continued to harass his parents well after the others were doing things on their own. Fortunately he must have finally given up, for all is quiet now. I've read that crows will travel up to 50 miles per day to and from their communal roost to their feeding grounds. They are actually quite interesting to watch as they raise their families.
My cat has spring fever. That's the only way I can describe his morning whine routine. First, the kitty treats. He hops onto the garbage can beside the pantry, where the treats are stored. He starts purring happily when I open the door. We then survey the canned goods, which he is quite enthusiastic about. Then we find the can of treats, which he nearly rubs the writing off of.
I call 'Kitty Treats!' quite loudly, and he runs to the place where he always gets his treats. He especially loves these, as they have greens in them. Honestly, if he had a choice, I thinke he would have been born a goat! He loves grass that much! Then he sits on the bench in the front hall and whines. He gets real excited if I put a coat on to go out to do anything. He thinks it's his chance to get a moment outside. I don't let him out on his own, too many coyotes and other cats around. But I do take him out on the front step for a minute or two, or on his leash down the sidewalk and the driveway, which he absolutely adores. Just not today. Now he is patiently parked on my computer desk as I type. He is not fussy about what he sits on - photos, papers, pens, stapler, whatever, as long as he can sit down. That's my cat.