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Tuesday, June 2, 2015

The bunnies are back!

The wild bunny is back.  He/she has been visiting in my back yard on and off this spring, after I saw the two of them chasing each other about 3 weeks ago.  They spent about 45 minutes in the back yard, chasing, playing tag, it seemed.  I'm going to assume it's 'Mrs. Bunny' that's out there.  The neighbor's cat, Tramp, had caught a baby bunny a few summers ago (which, after a rather amusing round of tag, I managed to free the poor little thing.  Let me tell you, they are powerful little jumpers, even that small, and very determined to escape!) so I am thinking that this could be related.

I learned a thing or two about wild rabbits at the time.  One, they cannot be domesticated.  Perhaps there are stories out there that they can, but the official answer is they can't, nor should they be. They would not do well in cages, and in my opinion, would be cruel for something that hasn't been domesticated.  Also, the momma leaves the babies to forage for food, only returning twice a day to feed them.  So if you find a nest, leave them be if you can, she will likely return by nightfall.  Also, I think it's at about 5 weeks they are basically on their own, but you can research that one in case I'm wrong. There is a lot of good information at the following site: About Orphaned or baby wild bunnies here

Oh wait! There's another one! Either the first one is going in circles, or there is another in pursuit.  With the overgrown vegetation this time of year, I can't see what's going on back in the woods.  But they do seem to like the wild rambling rose bush, as they stop to nibble when they go by.  They love dandelions too.  Kind of funny to watch them, as they eat it like one might eat spaghetti, starting with the flower, and nibbling down the entire stem like a noodle. :0)
I like wildlife in my back yard, I have seen a lot in the 10 years since we've moved here.  Sometimes it's a bit too close for comfort, though, in regards to the black bears, coyotes and bobcats.  :0)