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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!  I hope you all had a nice holiday season.  We did, except we both had colds for the whole week.  This time the colds weren't too bad, we've certainly had worse. We still managed to enjoy our families while they visited us.  They live a day's drive away, and we had this planned for some time.  It was so good to see everyone, as we don't get to see them more than a couple of times a year.
We got out to the mall for a day for the after-Christmas sales.  Mom and put together a couple of puzzles (we both love puzzles) and we played a few games of 2000. (a card game)
What's new? First I want to mention my light box and how I'm doing with that, since it is the season for it.  I'm doing pretty good, thank you.  Much better than last year.  I started the 3rd week of September, with about 5 minutes a day. Then, in October sometime, I went to 10.  Then 15. Now I'm up to 25.  Last year, it was 30, and I was sitting much closer to it than this year. (I use the HappyLight, by Verilux)
This year, it's hanging on my wall just to the left of my computer screen.  It's about 3 feet or slightly less from my face.  Usually, I have to have it within about 15 inches or so.
How do I know if I have enough?  Well, at some point I start to sigh, and feel more relaxed.  Like my body is saying 'Thank you!.'  Also, if I get too much, I get a bit edgy, and feel like I have to shut it off.  So far, this is working for me.  It falls within the parameters of using the light box.
I also can tell if I start to feel lethargic and down, that I didn't do enough.
I must mention too, that for years I had situational depression. At least, that's what my doctor said.  I just know I had depression.  So I had both, and the 'SAD' didn't reveal itself until I got the depression dealt with.
That's when I discovered I started feeling down in the fall, more and more so as the winter wore on, and I couldn't understand why.  I was worried I would have to go back on antidepressants.
During my research, I discovered 'SAD', felt I had the same symptoms, and bought a light box.  Best investment ever besides addressing my depression.
So I just wanted to update you on this, in case you too are suffering from this disorder, and hope something I said will help you or point you in the right direction.
As for other news, not sure I mentioned this earlier or not, but I am volunteering at my local library.  I started in late July last year, 1/2 a day a week, in the Inter-library Loan Dept.  I really enjoy it! The ladies are very nice to work with, I get out of the house, and I do love books. :0) 
Speaking of, I am due there this morning in about an hour, so I better get this posted.
Until we meet again, God bless!