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Monday, January 30, 2012

Getting healthy...

(Above: My lap buddy, Max, who follows me around every night until I sit down and put his favorite blanky on my lap for him to sit on.)

Sorry, people, I am SO lax at posting lately! No excuses. Otherwise occupied with not so important stuff, like web surfing and reading other people's more exciting blogs. Did have company over Christmas, my parents were able to come down after all, even though Dad had heart issues last April, they were able to get insurance for a short duration. (Canadians visiting the U.S. for any length of time should have add-on insurance - my in-laws are eternally and financially grateful they did)
Can't believe we don't have any snow on the ground! In January! After snow storm Alfred last October, we thought we were in for it. That was the last and only time we had to have our driveway plowed. At least we are saving money somewhere this winter. :0) Who knows what February will bring, though. We have had warmer temps than normal too. Can't complain about that.
Still house hunting. Sigh. Yes, someday, before I die, we will actually buy a house. I think. Lord willing and we are able. Please pray for us. That I can get my act together and make a decision. and something will come up that fits our parameters and we can afford. That may take a lot of praying. Hope you are up for it. :0)
Seriously, I am praying that God helps me to accept something that may NOT be in my parameters, seeing as how they may be slightly unrealistic. That's ok. He's deals a lot with this kind of stuff. He's really good at this. There's definitely hope.
Let's see, what's new?
Well, I am still exercising. I started last July 1st, and have walked steadily EVERY SINGLE WEEK since then. Yes, it's worth shouting about. Because inconsistency is my middle name. Or it should be. Just think. Wow. Over 7 months now. Wow...
Since I've started doing this one thing, so many benefits. My poor overweight body has been just crying out for exercise. Circulating blood. Some kind of activity besides exercising my elbow. And my eyes. Staring at landscape instead of a screen.
For one thing, I have restless legs. If I go 3 days without exercising, they drive me nuts. I can't sit still in the evening. If I exercise, just 30 minutes each day briskly walking (briskly - not sightseeing like I used to do), then I don't have nearly the problem. Really helps a lot.
Mental clarity. Yes, blood circulating is a good thing! I've read that sitting for more than 4 hours a day shortens your life considerably. I can see why now.
Oh! Better lung capacity and endurance! I can go up stairs now without puffing and my legs feeling like huge weights. Crazy, huh? I sleep better. Yes, there is something to that saying about working hard and fresh air during the day makes you sleep better at night.
I used to get heat rashes every summer due to heat and humidity. Well, here's the weird thing. I sweat all last summer while walking and I didn't have ONE rash. Go figure...
Fluid retention - definitely helps with this. I did cut back on my sugar and salt intake. Canned and prepared foods, potato chips, pizza, ham, bacon, processed meat from the deli, etc - this is terrible stuff for your body, check out those labels. Please eat in moderation, or really, very very little of this stuff. You will feel better. Trust me.
I am a long time vitamin taker, but lately I've been taking 1000 I.U.'s of Vit D. Plus the 400 in my multi and whatever I manufacture on my own. I tried 2000 I.U.'s but didn't feel quite right. Always talk to your doctor about your vitamin intake.
I'm also doing light therapy with a light box. I was skeptical at first, but it really does help. I'm still concerned about exposure to this intense light up close (my eyes), but I'm desperate for help and didn't want to medicate. So far the research out there says it's ok, but I would be hesitant to recommend until you did your own research and were comfortable with it. But for me, it's really helping. Just remember. It doesn't work on your skin, so no Vit D through this. Only works through your eyes. I got the SunTouch Plus. Read up on it if you suffer from SAD.
Let's see. What else...Oh YES!  I bought a little I-Pod Nano, which I LOVE!, and download podcasts to listen to. It's just great! I listen to inspiring and great teaching on doing things right, reaping what you sow, putting God ahead of your emotions and feelings. Living life like we should. I've gotten so much out of this.  Sometimes I feel so good, I just want to sing out loud and shout for joy. Except I'm sure the other people at Planet Fitness would really wonder about me. Or maybe, I might start a revolution! A good one! Tee hee!
Well, that's about all for today. More next time. I hope you are all having a good winter out in blog land. This is turning out to be my best one yet, even if we haven't bought a house yet. :0))