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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Happy New Year...belatedly!

Seems I'm getting a rather late start on my first post of the new year. Hmmm....that doesn't bode well, does it. Oh well. On we go.
We are hunkering down for our second major storm - the first being one being the day after Christmas, arriving on my parents coattails, as it were. They are calling for 12" - 16" and wind. I pulled of two pitchers and one bucket of water. It would be nice if we didn't lost power, but it's good to be prepared in this state of a zillion trees. I like trees, don't get me wrong. In fact, I am very fond of old trees especially, and love the variety, but they do tend to be a problem in stormy and windy situations. Not as bad since last year when they came down our road bush hogging. Now that was noisy, and a bit sad, but it had to be done. Power is a nice thing indeed! Now if we just had a woodstove...sigh.
I didn't make any resolutions this year. I have made resolutions for like 20 years, but, unfortunately, as I reviewed my journal, I failed to make most of them happen. I think my success rate is like 5%. Maybe less, I could be over optimistic here. :0)
I did go back to the gym though. After paying for a year in which I didn't go (my bad), it was certainly time. (I go to Planet Fitness, in case you are wondering if I spent scads of money on an expensive gym membership, ah, no. Wouldn't do that. :)) Still, it was rather shameful that I put things off as long as I did. And I am glad I am going back. The only thing is that I need an IPod.
I need my own music. I have the earphones to listen to one of 12 TV's they have on the ceiling, but to tell the truth, I'm just not really a talk shoe/news/shopping network kind of girl. Ok, maybe if Boyd's bears comes back on, or those beautiful Tiffany lamps...
I ended up watching HGTV yesterday. I do like that channel. However, it doesn't really promote that tempo you need to really get a good workout on the treadmill. In fact it can be rather distracting.
So, I have been doing some homework, and had really decided on a Zune player, until I gave the IPod a second look. It really does have more features, and not too much extra money. I am in love with Pandora (have you tried it?) and have been making some music purchases off of Amazon. That could end up being rather addicting!
AND...I have these great Joyce Meyer CD's that I can download onto my computer in MP3 format, and then upload onto the Zune or IPod and can then take to the gym with me! In fact, she also has podcasts on her website that I can also download. Cool, huh?!
So I could get a dual 'workout'. I can't wait to try it.
Other than that, I have slowly working the cookies, candy and other sugary treats out of the house from Christmas. My mom bought me TWO Crunchie bars from Canada. They are so good! But oh so bad. Basically spun sugar coated in chocolate. What more could you want?
Also, the Frerrero Rocher Rondo (did I spell that right?), which are mighty tasty, and the last of the Russell Stover chocolates. Not to mention the Dried Cherry Apricot White Chocolate Scones, pumpkin chocolate chip muffins and Scotcheroos in the freezer. Sigh. At least the Cinnamon rolls are gone now. Thanks Dad! :0)
I bought a box of Candy Canes for 99 cents to put on the Christmas tree, and you know, they are pretty tasty! I sat here last night and went through 1/2 of one while reading my book. Better than chips, right?
Speaking of books (better leave off the food before I get hungry again!) I am reading the Lilian Jackson Braun series about 'The Cat Who...' (all her book start with that sentence and end with things like "saw Red, or played Post Office, etc.) A series about an ex crime reporter who ends up adopting 2 Siamese cats and the adventures they fall into, basically murder mysteries. The cats contribute clues in their own way - very catlike. Seems Ms. Braun has 2 Siamese, so her portrayal of them is very accurate, and fun. These are light murder mysteries, like M. C. Beaton's, another of my favorite authors. I am sure enjoying my local library. Too bad I stayed away from it for so long.
Oh, which reminds me, I am going to try out audio books from my libary which you can download online. That might be an option for my Zune or IPod if I get bored and need a change.

Well. For a girl who thinks some electronics are just evil, I am planning on getting some enjoyment from them! Ha! Like most everything in life, I guess the key is moderation, right?
Well, that's it for the food and literary column today. I wish you a prosperous and blessed 2011. :0)