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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Fuzzy Festival!

“Come one, come all, to our annual Fuzzy Fest! For about one week only, during the week of April, you will be entranced by the number of fuzzies floating delicately on the breeze, drifting, drifting, into small clumps, lining the edges of one’s driveway, deck, flower beds.

These fuzzies are a mystery, no one knows from whence they came.

So come and dance among these mysterious floating fuzzies, celebrating Spring…”

Ok, LOL. Yes, we are having our annual fuzzies this week. I don’t know what tree or bush they are from, but they do arrive every year, floating in the air, gathering in clumps along my driveway. Kind of like having a giant dandelion field near by, except these fuzzies are smaller and denser.

I like them better than pollen. At least it isn’t sticky and coat your windshield. And really, I don’t mind if you dance among the fuzzies. If it really makes you happy. Hey, I might even join you. :0)