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Saturday, October 17, 2009

Poinsettia wallhanging...

I found a pattern for a beautiful poinsettia wallhanging today while shopping at my local Stop and Shop. I bought the magazine, because there was no way I was going to remember all the directions to making one. I had a pattern I thought I could modify, but you know, when a magazine is 6.99, and has several patterns in it, and one pattern is more than that in a quilt shop, it made sense today to buy this. I usually stick with APQ and Fons and Porter, but in this issue of 'Quilting For Christmas' by 'The Quilter' magazine was this really nice pattern by Lennie Honcoop, called 'Crystal Poinsettias'. It's a wall quilt, with two poinsettias, one white, one red, with leaves in the center, with 2 borders. But what stood out to me was the fact they use 'hot ribbon' (which I've never heard of) and Swarovski crystals in it. The crystals add texture and light to the centers of the flowers. I love it!! Copic markers are also used to give it depth and highlights. It's a beautiful and creative twist on a classic.
You can view the other projects in this issue at their website here. You can order this issue here.
I hope to make this sometime this winter for my mother. She would love this. However, right now all my quilting stuff is packed away in the furnace store room in the basement, waiting for the carpet people to come and install new carpet in the basement. They were supposed to come yesterday. Then I got a call from them about the time they were supposed to be here saying the carpet layer was taken ill. He's out of commission for a few days, and they don't know at this point when they will get my carpet laid.
I really have no say in this, because we rent, and the landlady already paid for this carpet awhile ago. There goes the bargaining power. I've been waiting 3 weeks as it is, and have stuff sitting in my kitchen because there is no room elsewhere in the meantime.
Not that I don't sympathize with the carpet dude. I do. I hope he feels better soon. 'Cause I can't wait to get my sewing back out again!! :0)) Have a great fall weekend!


Jacquelynne said...

I hope you get your carpet soon, too- isn't it terrible when your fingers are just itching to do a project and life seems to conspire against you?!