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Saturday, August 8, 2009

East Grand Lake - northwest end
I am so excited!!! We've rented a cottage on East Grand Lake. We are going up north Labor Day weekend for a week.
We've talked about this for years. We've hemmed and hawed, because we just didn't want to spend the money when we could always stay with family. But this year, we were late in applying for our passports, so we can't go across to Canada. And my hubby needs a vacation badly. So we said, let's do it! And I am so looking forward to this.
East Grand Lake is about 25 miles long, and is on the border of Maine and New Brunswick, Canada. The cottage has all the comforts of home. Plus a canoe, kayaks, and row boat. Hopefully I will be posting pictures when we get back. I am really looking forward to fishing, boating, campfires, and there is a screened gazebo by the water- great for reading or stitching!

Our family all lives within a couple of hours, so they can come visit and stay for the night. It will be so relaxing and fun.
Oh yes, there is a wood stove in the living room, which is great, because it will be quite cool at night up there in September. I love the autumn with the crisp temperatures and turning leaves.

Ok, you can see how excited I am about this, especially after the warm temps and humidity we've had recently. Although it's been cooler and drier the past couple of days, partly due to the fact it's been a full moon and the wind has swung around to the north. But that will change on Tuesday - they are calling for 90! Yikes!!

I was ready to go yesterday, sigh...