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Sunday, December 28, 2008

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas All!
Yes, that was our tree this year. We cut it fresh about 2 weeks before Christmas just down the road at our local tree farm. The field was pretty picked over this year, it's very popular. A bit muddy, as the frost was starting to come out of the ground due to the warm day. My hubby picked this one out. I usually do, but he did such a good job. I don't like a tree overly formed. I like it to have a bit of a natural look. I like nooks and crannies to put my ornaments into. The branches are firmer too, not so limp as a tree that's been pruned too much. I would just as soon go cut one in the woods, but around here, that's not possible.

We had a good Christmas. We went up north to New Brunswick, Canada to visit all of our families. My side and his. It's 9 hours each way. We pretty much decided (again!) not to go home next year. The weather wasn't good this year, ran into sleet, freezing rain, slush, and snow in Maine. Traffic was down to 45 mph. Many vehicles got caught in the slushy mess at the side of the road and were hauled into the ditch. Must have seen a dozen cars off the road in the stretch between Bangor and Augusta. One truck was on it's top. We stopped to see if one car was ok. It was facing backwards. They had been there about 10 minutes, and had already called the wrecker. Thank the Lord for cell phones!
Between the weather, and hauling a load of presents in the back of the truck (we were driving a four wheel drive), it's just getting to be too big of a hassle. Gift cards are the way to go!! Yeah!

Pet peeve alert!
People, you've got to express your gratitude for the gift given.
Be thankful!! And show it!! Sometimes that's all the thanks a parent or friend really wants, is to know you truly like it. If you don't, thank them anyway for their thoughtfulness in remembering you. Find something about the gift or moment to be thankful for. And let them know. I spend hours every year searching out presents for our family that I think they want or need. I call them about it, ask questions, and find exactly what they ask for. All I want in return is to see the look of gratitude on their face, a heartfelt 'THANK YOU'! Say a word or two about it. After all, I asked them what they wanted, and here it is. I shopped, I bought, and hauled it nine hours to deliver it.
This has been a major pet peeve of mine for years. Some parts of our family still needs to learn the art of gratitude, and more than that, the art of expressing it. A smile and a nod just doesn't cut it for me. One needs to think about what the other person put into buying these presents for you, the effort made.

This past year, I told my in-laws and my parents we just wanted a gift card to a local furniture store. Quality furniture, made to last, that with a little help, we could buy an item that would last for years. So instead of semi useless little things that we can live without, we got a gift card from each set of parents that enabled us to buy something we've wanted for years.
We are so very grateful for this gift. I emailed them, I am mailing a thank you card, and we thanked them over the phone. We want them to know, WE REALLY LOVE THIS GIFT! and we are thankful for their generosity.
Well, that's a long enough post for now. Hope you had a wonderful Christmas, and are well versed in the art of Gratitude!