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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Home is where the heart is...

LOVE this little red barn...

In my email today, there was a recipe from Gooseberry Patch promoting their new book, Coming Home. One of the sample pages showed lilacs in a white vase on a small table, and in the background was a part of a screen door showing.
In an instant, I could hear that screen door squeeking open, and banging shut on a warm summer day, while a breeze smelling of newly mown grass wafted through the screen into the house.

I want that screen door. Badly.
This search for a home is an emotional rollercoaster. One day, you dream big, and look at all the houses at your upper range and somewhat beyond. Just think what you could get if you could just afford a bit more payment...sigh.

The next day, reality sets in, and you realize what you forfeit if you max yourself out on your house payment. That newer vehicle in two years. That boat your husband has been aching for forever it seems. Trips, new furniture, a horse perhaps? All those extras that would make life a bit easier and more fun.
So then I start on the bottom end. What's the cheapest house out there that I could live with?

I start with anything on no less than 1/2 acre. I really want at least one acre. But, just for kicks, lets look anyway.

Huh. Not much. Major fixer uppers. Bad location. Busy highway. Dirt floor in basement with water. Nope. Can't do that with a husband who is asthmatic. The price keeps climbing, until suddenly you realize you are back at the upper range again, and still haven't found anything.
Well, maybe tomorrow. It's early yet, only March. Surely there will be something wonderful come on the market just for me, if I just have patience. I can't seem to make myself 'settle' for anything less.

1970's - David and I back on the farm in Indiana with Tippy before the new red pole barn was built. It was built back behind the fence in the background, and later we bought 3 calves - George, Tom and Frank - and Crickett, my beloved horse. We used the old Studebaker to transport leaves out back in the fall.

When you have grown up on farms, lived in neat old homes in the country, had horses, cows, etc., it sure is hard to go down from there.

Even the rental we are in is more than we can afford to buy. But it's hard not to compare where you currently live with what you'd like to buy.


Sometimes reality stinks.


Jessica Burkhart said...

Hi! I just wandered over and wanted to say great blog. :)

ctgardengirl said...

Thanks for visiting! I visited your blog for a moment, and noticed one the book series you liked was the Black Stallion series by Walter Farley. I loved that series, and the movies too. I have loved horses since I was knee high to a grasshopper. :0)