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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Gotta watch those sunflower seeds...

So I was making these Cranberry Seed Muffins just now. And they call for sunflower seeds and pepitos, among other things. I've had 2 packages of sunflower seeds for a few months now in my cupboard, as it doesn't say refrigeration is needed. I used the open package first, measuring my 1/3 cup and stirring it into the batter. Then I noticed a stronger odor than normal. Great. They are turning rancid a month before their expiring day. Note to self: refrigerate anyway.
Then I opened my new package, one of the self-packed store containers. I noticed some seeds 'sticking' together, and removed them, not thinking too much of it. Until -- I found a tiny worm encased in webbing sitting in the corner of the container. UGH! After removing said offender, I started sifting through the seeds, thinking, hmmm....I guess I need to be really careful using these and always sort through them first (and smell), kind of like sorting dry beans before cooking them.
Then, I found another offender. A MOTH! Yup. It was like the time I stored bird seed for several months, only to open the container and discover it full of tiny moths. Lesson learned.
And at this point, I think I will eliminate the sunflower seeds from my baking. Likely all together. How do I know what was in the container at the restaurant before they put them onto the salad bar? And the holes are so tiny it's hard to sort those ones out.
I think I will find a substitute for these, possibly just using pecans or something. Pepitos don't bother me nearly as much, because these are from the interior of a pumpkin. Really hard for pests to get at, unlike sunflower seeds, which are prone to pests.
Anyway, just wanted to share this so you all are aware of this kind of thing. I'm sure you will be as thrilled as I am about this. Have a great and sunflower seed -free day! :0)